360° Urban Art Show @ Urban Growling

Women-Owned Urban Growler Brewing Company is “Beer For You” in Saint Paul. Urban Growler is currently hosting the “360° Urban” Art Show.

11. Meeting of the Minds 24″x18″ Horizontal Canvas
12. The Saint Paul Angle 24″x18″ Horizontal Canvas
23. Harriet Oleson 24″x18″ Horizontal Canvas

01. Is that your sister? 18″x24″ Vertical Canvas 
02. Wabasha Dream 18″x24″ Vertical Canvas
22. St. Paul 8:13 PM 18″x24″ Vertical Canvas 

17. Capitol Planet 18″x24″ Vertical Canvas 
20. Welcome to Saint Paul 18″x24″ Vertical Canvas
21. St. Paul 5:52 AM 18″x24″ Vertical Canvas