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360 Tiny Planets (Custom)

360 Tiny Planets (Custom)

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Experience the ultimate showcase for your 360° art with our Custom 360° Panoramic Spherical Art Tiny Planet Sphere.

What do you get when you purchase this product? You'll receive a tiny planet composed of an inflated sphere inside a fabric cover, perfectly designed to reflect your 360° panorama. A ring that acts as a display stand is included along with a clear suspension cord, making it easy to showcase your masterpiece to its fullest potential.

Our premium fabric is hand-cut and hand-sewn with a form-fitting design that wraps around the sphere almost seamlessly, like a second skin. This reveals the true beauty and depth of your 360° equirectangular art.

Each tiny planet is made to order, ensuring its authenticity and uniqueness, with slight imperfections that add to its charm. Whether displayed on a shelf or suspended, your tiny planet will captivate with its stunning rendition of your entire 360° image. Upload your 360° equirectangular image in a standard 2:1 ratio, and immerse yourself in the panoramic view from any angle. Keep in mind that both the nadir (bottom 20%) and zenith (top 20%) of your 360° image will be visible, allowing you to explore and appreciate the complete panorama from every perspective.

At Pierre 360, we're dedicated to providing exclusive and unbeatable value to our customers. Order now and add a touch of luxury to your home decor or impress your clients with a visual experience that they'll never forget. Our Custom 360° Tiny Planet is an exquisite and exclusive product that is worthy of your creations.


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