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PetalPro SphereMaker™ for 360° Cushions

PetalPro SphereMaker™ for 360° Cushions

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Introducing the PetalProSphereMaker  by Pierre360 - the ultimate fabric sphere maker tool for creating your magnificent DIY 360° cushions.

Inspired by natural flower petals, our innovative laser-cut petal tool allows you to trace and cut the perfect petal flower shape out of your fabric, making it easy to sew a quasi-seamless pattern of a 6, 8, 10, or 12-inch spherical pillow.

Say goodbye to the tedious process of cutting and sewing multiple gores together - with our exclusive tool, you can create a beautiful sphere with just one piece of fabric. The flower petal template is designed for easy rotation and allows you to place your pattern exactly where you want it for a virtually seamless look.

Our tool is perfect for interior designers, home decor enthusiasts, DIY makers, 360° creators and crafters looking to create unique and professional-looking spherical cushions. With the PetalProSphereMaker , you'll be able to create stunning pieces in no time.

Here are some of the features and benefits of the PetalProSphereMaker :

  • Beginner friendly simple steps
  • Clear acrylic template to precisely create your fabric sphere
  • Saves time with its four or six-petal design
  • The 6-inch edition fits perfectly within 18"x18", including fat quarters
  • The 8-inch edition also fits perfectly within 18"x18" 
  • The 10-inch edition fits inside a 21" square 
  • The 12-inch edition is perfect for one yard or meter of fabric
  • Reduces waste with less material left over
  • Virtually seamless final design 
  • Works with all fabric colors, textures, and patterns
  • Ships with free accessory to trace your seam allowance
  • Offers infinite possibilities when choosing fabrics for your spheres

What's included: you will receive a laser cut template of acrylic to trace your pattern and your seam allowance onto your piece of fabric. 

Have tons of fun creating! Upgrade your home decor game and order your PetalProSphereMaker today!

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